Everything Comes...

By Patsy Fagin

Rated Adult

Everything comes to he that waits?


Catherine was truly fed up with Vincent refusing to take their relationship further, so she decided to issue an ultimatum.
“Come on Chandler, it’s time to stop pussy footing around!” Then realising what she had just said, she added, “Sorry Vincent.”
Just then she heard him tapping at the balcony door, and as soon as she had opened it, she launched her attack, before he even had time to greet her.
He was rather taken aback, and certainly wasn’t prepared for what she said.
“Vincent, I’ve come to a decision,” and before he could answer her, she carried on, “if you won’t take our relationship any further, then we’re finished.”
Seeing the stunned look on his beautiful face, she almost relented. Almost.
“Catherine, you don’t know…”
And again she interrupted, “So you won’t,” and she sighed deeply. “Catherine, please…”
“Goodbye Vincent,” and she turned around and went back into the apartment. And she was sobbing as if her heart was breaking, as she realised that her plan had backfired.
He stood for what seemed an eternity, but was actually only minutes, hoping against hope, that she’d come back out, and when she didn’t he turned and left the balcony. And she too was hoping against hope that he’d knock on the balcony door.

He never knew how he managed to get back to the drainage tunnel in the park, but somehow he did, and it was not until he was safely behind the secret door, that the enormity of what had happened hit him. The pain hit him like a sledgehammer, and brought him to his knees. He put his hand over his heart because he truly believed that it would burst from his chest, and throwing back his head, he let out a roar of pure anguish which echoed through the tunnels, startling two of the sentries who were nearby. But from experience, they knew better than to go and investigate. Another wave of pain overtook him, and this time it was so severe that he slumped forward, unconscious. And Above in her apartment, Catherine fainted at the same time.

Hours later he came to and wondered why he was lying on the floor, and then he remembered, and roared again. He got slowly to his feet, with none of his natural grace, and headed for his chamber, hoping that he wouldn’t meet anyone on the way. Luck was with him and he did reach his chamber without meeting anyone. Once there he started to pace backwards and forwards for a long time, until at last exhaustion overtook him, and he slumped on his bed fully clothed. But he knew he wouldn’t sleep!
Meanwhile, in his own chamber, Father was in a quandary. He’d heard, via the pipes that Vincent had been heard roaring, but he didn’t know whether to go to him or wait and see what happened. Finally he decided to wait, for he knew that Vincent wouldn’t thank him for being nosy and intruding where he wasn’t wanted. And in his chamber, Vincent had finally fallen into a troubled sleep.
Above, Catherine too had finally fallen asleep, after hours of sobbing

The next morning Father was concerned when Vincent didn’t appear for his breakfast, because usually he never missed a meal. Unless there was something seriously wrong of course. So as soon as he’d finished breakfast, he headed for Vincent’s chamber. When he reached the entrance, he hesitated, and then called out, “Vincent is it alright if I come in?” When there was no answer, he was rather concerned, so he called again, and this time Vincent answered him. “You may come in if you wish Father.”
Entering the chamber Father noticed that it was in semi-darkness, due to the fact that there were hardly any candles lit, and wondered why. Then, as his eyes gradually adjusted he was shocked at the state Vincent was in. His usually immaculate son was decidedly scruffy! His clothes were all rumpled, and his mane was tangled as though he’d been pulled through a bush backwards. But it was his face that shocked him the most. Father had never seen such a look of utter desolation on his son’s face in his entire life.
“Vincent, what on earth is wrong?” he asked him.
At first, he thought that he wasn’t going to get an answer, and then Vincent whispered, “It’s Catherine…” and could go no further.
“What’s wrong with her, she isn’t ill is she?” he asked sharply.
“No, nothing like that, we’re…” and to Father’s dismay Vincent started to sob. Deep, soul wrenching sobs. Saying no more, Father took him into his arms, and stroked his head. When he had finally quietened, Father said, “Tell me.”
So, in a voice that was husky with crying, Vincent told him, finishing with, “So our dream has ended.”
Father didn’t know what to say, how to ease his son’s pain. Then suddenly he said, “Nonsense.”
Vincent was stunned, because he couldn’t believe what Father had said, and he got to his feet and started pacing. “What do you mean by saying it’s nonsense?” he asked him angrily.
“I mean that it’s nonsense that you have accepted what Catherine said, without putting up a fight”
“As soon as it’s dark, you go to Catherine and sort it out”
“Sort it out how?” Vincent asked.
“I’m sure you’ll think of something, or do I have to spell it out?”
Vincent was uncertain what Father meant at first, and then realisation dawned.
“You mean…”and he dropped his head so that Father wouldn’t see that he was blushing!
“Finally, the penny drops,” Father told him with a grin. “Now go and get cleaned up, she won’t want you looking like a tramp.”
He thought that Vincent was going to comply, when he suddenly said, “No, I cannot.”
“Vincent…” Father began, but Vincent interrupted him, “No Father, not another word, the subject is closed.”
Father heaved an exasperated sigh, and tried again. “Vincent…”
He was shocked when Vincent actually growled at him.
“No. Now leave me please Father.”
Father turned and left the chamber, muttering under his breath. “Stubborn, awkward…” and could think of nothing else to say.

After Father had left him, Vincent collapsed into his big chair, and rested his head in his hands. Suddenly the reality of it all hit him again, and he began to sob.
“Oh Catherine, how am I to go on?”
Over the next few days he never left his chamber. He hardly slept, and when he did he was plagued by nightmares, and if it hadn’t been for Mary bringing him food and drink, and insisting that he eat and drink, he simply wouldn’t have bothered. And if she hadn’t brought him clean clothes, and insisted that he wash and change, he wouldn’t have bothered with that either. He couldn’t have cared less about his other duties either, neither his teaching nor his work duties.
What he didn’t realise was that people were becoming concerned about him, Samantha in particular. She sought out Father one day, and asked him, “Father, what’s wrong with Vincent. Is he ill?”
“No Samantha,” he told her, “he’s just going through a bad time at the moment.”
With a child’s directness she asked him, “Why?”
He was at a loss as to what to say, and then decided to tell her the truth, or as much as she would be able understand, “He and Catherine have fallen out.”
“Why?” she asked him again.
“Because…” he began, and then couldn’t think of what to say, so instead he said, “You won’t understand if I tell you Samantha. Just know this. Vincent will be alright, I’ll make sure he is. Now run along.”
She looked at him for long moments, and then she said, “Just make sure he is.”

Father had had enough, and decided to do something about it. He set off for Vincent’s chamber, and when he reached it he just marched straight in, not bothering to even call out, because he knew that Vincent would probably refuse to see him.
And he would have been right.
Before Vincent even had chance to say a word, Father lit into him. “Vincent this has gone on long enough. It’s time you went to see Catherine, and get this sorted out.”
“Father…” Vincent began, but he wasn’t allowed to finish.
“Everyone is worried about you. You’re neglecting all your duties, and Mary tells me you’re hardly eating enough to keep a sparrow alive. And from the looks of you, you’re not sleeping either. This cannot continue.”
“I know,” Vincent murmured.
“So what are you going to do about it?” Father asked.
“As soon as it is dark I will go to her.”
Father gave a heartfelt sigh. “And not before time. You’d best get yourself tidied up.”
“Yes Father,” Vincent replied meekly.

Meanwhile, Above in her apartment, Catherine was lying on her bed just staring into space, and wondering how she would be able to go on without Vincent. She too had been merely existing. She still went to work every day, but she was operating on auto-pilot. Joe had asked her several times if she was o.k., and she told him that she was alright, but that she was just having some ‘women’s’ problems’. Suddenly, she heard the familiar tapping on the window, and her heart leapt. But she was determined not to let Vincent know how pleased she was to see him. “Let him suffer awhile,” she said to herself. “Serves him right for being so damned stubborn!”
With that resolve she opened the balcony door and was shocked at how he looked. His wonderful mane hung lifeless around his shoulders, and his beautiful blue eyes had lost their sparkle. She longed to go to him and take him in her arms, but she stopped herself.
“So, you’ve come back then,” she stated.
“Unless you’re prepared to move on in our relationship, then you’re wasting your time coming here,” she told him.
“I am prepared to,” he whispered.
Catherine wasn’t quite sure that she’d heard him properly, so she said, “Could you repeat that please?”
“I am,” he told her clearly.
She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so she simply stepped up to him and hugged him. “You are sure?” she asked him.
“Never surer, but Catherine you will have to teach me, because I have never…” and he dropped his head to hide his blushes.
“Oh Vincent, you wonderful man, do you know how long I’ve waited to hear that?” and she hugged him again. But she cautioned herself. “Take it slowly Chandler, don’t rush things or you’ll scare him off!”
So acting on her own advice, she said to him, “Well, first things first. Come inside Vincent, ‘cos I’m freezing my tail off out here!” then realising what she had said she could have bitten her tongue out. “I’m sorry Vincent, I didn’t mean…” she began, but he stopped her.
“It’s quite alright Catherine, so am I!” he told her with a chuckle.
She breathed a sigh of relief that she hadn’t upset him, and then she took his hand and led him inside. She turned to close the door, and when she turned back he was standing in the middle of the room, and he seemed to fill it simply by being. She couldn’t have said anything to save her life for a few minutes; she just had to simply look at him. He radiated an aura of pure power, despite how he looked. She searched for a word to describe him. “Awesome!” she murmured, unaware that she had actually said it out loud.
He cocked his head in his endearing way, and asked, “What is?”
“You are,” she told him.
“Catherine, I don’t think…” but he never finished what he was saying, because she crossed the room and put her fingers to his lips.
“Don’t argue, just accept it Vincent.”
“Yes Catherine.”
She couldn’t believe that he had acquiesced so quickly, because normally he would have argued with her, albeit mildly.
They stood for long moments, simply looking at each other, and then Catherine said, “Right, that’s enough of the mutual admiration, let’s get comfortable. And we’ll start by taking your cloak off.”
She expected resistance, but once again he acquiesced, and removed his cloak. Then he totally stunned her when he sat down and removed his boots as well! She eyed him suspiciously, but could see no change in his demeanour, so she decided that she was imagining things. She didn’t know that Father had had words with him.
Then he stunned her again, by asking, “What do we do now, Catherine?
“Well, we can start slowly by getting to know one another properly,” she told him.
“But we do know one another properly,” he pointed out.
“I don’t mean that way,” she began, and then stopped as she realised by the tone of his voice, that he was teasing her.
“Oh, you… you…” she began, unable to think what to call him.
“Beast,” he supplied.
“Yes, you are. You insufferable, intolerable, exasperating…”
“Catherine, please, all this praise will go to my head.”
Then, suddenly serious, he put his hands on her shoulders and said, “Show me.”
Now she was at a bit of a loss, having never been in a similar position.
Suddenly she smiled and he could see the mischief in her eyes. “We could start by playing a game,” she told him, wanting to lighten the mood.
“What’s it called, this game,” he asked warily.
“Getting to Know You,” she replied.
“I hardly dare ask, but how do we play this game?”
“It’s easy,” she told him. “We find out each others likes and dislikes.”
“How exactly?”
“Mainly by exploring,” she said, and was very hard pressed not to laugh at the expression on his face. To say he looked stunned was an understatement. She took pity on him.
“And by asking questions,” she added.
He breathed a sigh of relief.

Remembering that she had to go slowly, because she didn’t want to scare him off, she said, “But first we have to get comfy, and we can’t do that in here, we’ll have to go into the bedroom. Do you have a problem with that Vincent?”
He dropped his head, and she thought for one moment that she had scared him, and then he lifted his head again and said, “No. I don’t.”
They went into the bedroom and he asked, “What now Catherine?”
She didn’t answer him straight away, she was just looking at him, scarcely able to believe that she finally had him in her bedroom.
He broke her reverie. “Catherine?”
“Oh yes. The next thing is to lie on my bed. Do you think you can do that?” she asked him.
“I’ll try,” he replied, and sat down on the edge of the bed. But he couldn’t seem to sit still, which was very unusual for him.
“You’ve got to try and relax Vincent, you’re like a …,” and stopped.
“A cat on hot bricks,” he suggested, with a hint of a smile.
“Exactly,” she said, relieved that she hadn’t upset him.
Then taking a deep breath he swung his legs up, and stretched himself full length, lying on his back.
“Slowly, Chandler,” she reminded herself, and got on the bed next to him, and lay down. She felt him tense.
“Vincent, if you’re not happy with this, we can always…”
“No Catherine, just give me a moment.”
“Vincent, you must be a hundred percent sure you want to go on.”
“I am, it’s just that I’m a bit…”
“Nervous,” she supplied.
“Terrified more like.”
She couldn’t help chuckling.
“Oh Vincent…” she began, and then realised that he was chuckling too.
“Perhaps we can sit up for this part?” she suggested, in attempt to put him at ease.
The alacrity with which he complied amused her. When they were both comfortable with their backs resting against the headboard, she asked, “Are you ready now?”
“Yes, I am. How do we play this game?”
“We’ll start by asking each other questions, about what things we like and don’t like, and favourite things,” she said.
“Such as?” he queried.
“Well…” she paused, “food and suchlike.”
“Oh you know,” she answered, beginning to get exasperated.
“That’s just the point Catherine, I don’t.”
She realised that this was going to be very hard work.
“Calm, Chandler,” she told herself.
“What we like to drink, sights, sounds. I know you’re limited as to sights, but not sounds,” she told him.
“Now I know what you mean. You go first Catherine.”
“Right. What’s your favourite sound?” she asked him.
Without any hesitation he answered, “After your sweet voice, it must be the sound of a child laughing. What is your favourite sound Catherine?”
She pretended to think about, but relented when she realised that he was anxious about her answer. “It’s the same answer as yours my love.”
He didn’t actually breathe a sigh of relief, but she knew that he had.
The questions and answers went on for about fifteen minutes, and they both realised that their likes and dislikes were amazingly similar, apart from a few things. Such as she liked coffee, and he hated it, and she loved peanut butter and he couldn’t abide it.
“I think that we’ve taken this as far as it will go,” she told him.
“I quite agree. It appears that our “such likes” are in tandem.”
“Now comes the hard part,” she said mentally.
“Right Vincent, now for the next part of the game. If you’re ready that is.”
He took a very deep breath before he answered. “Yes I am.”
“For the next part we have to take some clothes off,” she told him.
He gulped and said, “How…how many clothes?”
She took pity on him again. “Only our top clothes,” she told him. “For now,” she said to herself. “I’ll go first.”
“I think that would be best, Catherine.”
She got off the bed, and very, very slowly, she began to undress. First she took her sweater off, and then she pulled her blouse out of her skirt and undid the buttons, watching his face all the time. When all of the buttons were undone, she slipped it slowly off her shoulders, and finally her bra.
Vincent was stunned. He couldn’t believe that Catherine was standing in front of him, half naked. He put out his hand towards her tentatively, but she stepped back.
“No, no, Vincent. No touching until you’ve taken some things off too.”
He hesitated; this was a big step for him. How would she react when she saw him as he really was? Would she be disgusted or horrified or even…?
He took a deep breath, stood up, and started to remove the many layers he wore whilst down Below. Finally he’d got down to his undershirt. “This is it,” he thought to himself, “now I’ll find out what she really thinks.” He instinctively removed it very slowly, watching her face very closely, watching for any sign of horror or revulsion. And was amazed at the expression he saw. There was no horror or disgust there, just a look of pure unadulterated… wonder. He stood perfectly still, waiting for her to say something. Minutes passed, and still she didn’t speak, she just stood looking at him, devouring him with her eyes.

He was everything she’d imagined him to be and dreamt about. His shoulders and chest were very broad, and tapered down to a narrow waist and hips, and he was extremely well muscled. He was covered in golden hair that was quite thick on his upper arms and chest, but was finer as it tapered down to a ‘v’ where it disappeared into the waistband of his jeans. She longed to run her fingers over him and…
“Catherine,” he repeated, breaking her reverie.
“My God Vincent…” she began.
At once all his insecurities rushed to the fore.
“C…Catherine,” he stammered, “I’m sorry…”
She silenced him by putting her hand gently over his mouth.
“Don’t you dare say one more word Vincent. Don’t you know how beautiful you are?”
“You’ve told me that before,” he replied. “But don’t you think that you’re just a tiny bit biased,” he asked her with a grin.
“Well maybe just a tad,” she said, with a grin of her own.
“No, I think more than just a tad, a whole lot,” he amended.
“Guilty as charged, your Honour,” she replied, trying and failing to keep a straight face.
And then they both burst into laughter. When they finally managed to compose themselves, he asked, “About this game?”
“Oh yes. We have to lie on the bed now.”
This time he didn’t seem quite so uneasy, and she mentally breathed a sigh of relief. Perhaps, hopefully, it wasn’t going to be so difficult, provided she was careful.

When they had got comfortable, him lying on his back, and she turned on her side towards him, he asked, “What next, Catherine?”
“We go exploring.”
“Exploring?” he queried.
“Yes, we find out where each others “hot” spots are.”
“What do you mean by “hot” spots Catherine?”
She realised instantly that he wouldn’t know what she meant, because he was such an innocent.
“Places that please. They’re called erogenous zones,” she said.
“Oh yes, I’ve heard of them, or rather I’ve read about them in some of Father’s books.”
She was rather taken aback. “You mean that Father has those sort of books?”
“No. Not those sorts of books at all. Just books on sex education. Father insists that every child should learn about sex properly, not by listening to lurid tales.”
She was instantly contrite. “I’m sorry Vincent, I should have realised.”
“It’s quite alright Catherine, you weren’t to know. Now, about our “hot” spots. Would you like to go first again?”
She was taken aback again, by the fact that he suddenly seemed so bold, and she didn’t answer him straight away.
“Catherine,” he prompted.
“Y…yes,” she stammered, “I’ll go first.”
She propped herself up on her elbow and considered where she would start.
“Yes Vincent.”
“You seem to be taking a long time starting.”
“That’s ‘cos I can’t decide where to start,” she told him.
“Oh, I see,” he replied.
Suddenly she said, “I know where to start,” and started to part his mane over his ear. When she had got his ear exposed, she was entranced, because there was a fine coating of fur all round the rim.
“Oh Vincent, you have beautiful ears.”
“Catherine, nobody…” he started to say, and then was robbed of all speech as she blew gently into it.
“Yes, Vincent, you were saying?”
“I was saying…” and then was robbed of speech once more as she put the tip of her tongue inside.
He couldn’t believe the sensation he was feeling, and had he been asked, he wouldn’t have been able to describe it either. He just knew that he liked it, very much!
She looked at his face and was amused by the look on it. It was a look of pure bliss.
“I take it that you liked that?” she asked him.
“Hmmm…” was his reply.
“That’s no answer,” she teased him.
“Catherine that was wonderful.”

She realised that probably everywhere she touched him would have a similar response, and she was going to enjoy every minute pleasing him. The only problem that she could foresee was that if he found her places, then she’d probably be a quivering mass long before the “game” was finished. Still…
He interrupted her reverie. “Catherine, I think it’s my turn now.”
“Oh yes.”
She laid herself down and mentally braced herself, hoping that he didn’t find a spot straightaway.
He did as she had done, and propped himself up on his elbow. When he didn’t do anything she thought that perhaps he was uncertain, and was just about to ask him if he was alright when he uncovered her ear. She groaned inwardly, because she knew her ears were sensitive. He lowered his head and then he nibbled very gently on the rim of it. It wasn’t so much the nibbling that nearly undid her; it was the fact that it was Vincent doing it, because she had dreamt for so long of being here like this.
“I think that that’s one point each,” he said.
“I reckon so,” she managed to reply.
She decided to change the rules a little bit, to give herself more time, because she knew that if he found just one more spot straight away, then she’d end up jumping on him.
“Vincent, if you’re agreeable, then we could play the game a different way.”
“How different?”
“Well, instead of taking turn and turn about, we find the zones in one go.”
He considered for a moment, not realising why she’d asked to change things.
“Yes, that will be alright. You go first.”
She breathed a quiet sigh of relief. She was going to enjoy this. A lot!
She got up onto her knees and considered where to go next, and then decided on his other ear. She started to uncover it and he asked, “Catherine, surely that will have the same effect as last time?”
“Not necessarily,” she told him. “Let’s just wait and see shall we.”
“Of course Catherine, you know best.”
“Oh boy, do I know best,” she thought to herself, and she was willing to bet that it would have the same effect, which proved to be accurate as she put her tongue into his ear again. This time she felt a ripple go through him.
“I was right,” she told him, and when he could answer her, he agreed.
“Now, where next?”
She slowly made her way down his face, pausing at his eyes, and then the corners of his mouth, without any success! Then she tried his mouth. She didn’t kiss him properly; she just nibbled gently on his bottom lip. She could tell he was enjoying it, but just that, so she decided to go for the top one. Starting at one corner she dropped butterfly kisses on it, but avoided the cleft. Making her way back she paused at it, and then very gently she worked her tongue into it. She was unprepared for his reaction as he just about took off, and nearly knocked her off the bed.
“Wow Vincent, I reckon that was a good one.”
He was incapable of answering her, he just lay there quivering.

“Vincent, are you o.k.? she asked him.
“I… I think so,” he managed to answer.
“Catherine, that was…”
“Good,” she supplied.
“Wonderful, amazing…” he corrected her.
“Do you need a breather before I go on?” she asked him.
“No, I don’t think so, although if you get many more like that…”
“Yes Vincent, what?”
He didn’t answer her.
When she judged that he had recovered, she asked, “Shall I go on?”
“Yes, at least…, yes go on.”
So she continued on her way down. She nuzzled into his neck, and then licked at the hollow at the base of his throat, and knew that she had hit another spot when he groaned softly. It was as she had expected, he was sensitive, more so in some places than others. Especially his cleft. She’d remember that one. Next she moved to his chest, but decided not to use her mouth straight away. Instead she just stroked him, and then buried her fingers in the thick fur over his pectorals. Suddenly she felt a vibration under her fingers, and heard a low rumbling sound, and was entranced again as she realised what he was doing.
“Vincent, you’re purring!”
He stopped immediately, and started to apologise.
“Don’t you dare say sorry Vincent, I think it’s wonderful. I never realised that you could.”
“Yes, I can, but I try not to.”
“Why ever not?” she asked.
“Because it emphasises my differences,” he replied.
“No Vincent, it’s part of what makes you unique.”
“If you say so, Catherine.”
“Yes, I do, so just accept it, alright?”
He nodded his head.
“Right, now where was I?” Oh yes.”
She continued what she had been doing, and then she discovered his nipples hidden amongst the fur. She parted it and exposed one and then she lowered her head, and took it in her mouth, teasing it with her tongue, and tweaking the other one gently. The effect was instantaneous as they both hardened, and he groaned with pleasure. Then she swapped to the other one, and got the same result. Deciding to give him (and herself) some respite, because truth to tell his reactions were having an effect on her as well, she said, “I think we should take five, don’t you?”
“I…I think that is a good idea,” he agreed.
She lay back down and tried to relax. The only problem was being so near to him was having the opposite effect!
“C’mon Chandler”, she reprimanded herself, “he’s the virgin here, get a grip.”
Her advice to herself worked, and she did relax. She wasn’t sure about him though.
“Yes Catherine.”
“Are you ready to continue?”
“Yes. Yes I am.”
So she continued on down, eliciting little whimpers of pleasure from him.
Suddenly she sat up.
“Catherine, what’s wrong?” he asked her, rather puzzled.
“I can’t go any further,” she replied.
“Why not?” “Oh, I see,” he said, as he realised why not. She had reached the waistband of his jeans.
“We can do one of two things now,” she told him.
“Which are?” he asked.
“One, you can find my spots now, or two, we can both undress fully and I’ll continue finding yours.”
“Catherine, I’m not so sure about this now,” he confessed.
“Look Vincent, we needn’t go on with this, if you really don’t want to, or…”
He thought for a few moments, and she held her breath, hoping that he would agree to go on. Especially after they had gotten this far.
Suddenly, after taking a deep breath, he said, “I would like to go for option one.” Because he was afraid of what she might think when she saw him fully unclothed.
She groaned mentally, because she wasn’t sure how long she could last out, before she did jump on him!

“O.k. then. Would you like to go first this time?” she asked him.
“Yes, I would,” he replied.
He did as she had done, and uncovered her other ear, and she groaned inwardly again. She hoped that he would just be content with nibbling again, when her hopes were shattered as he put the tip of his tongue inside. And this time a ripple of pure pleasure ran through her.
“C…Catherine,” he stammered, “I felt your pleasure.”
“You did?”
“Yes, and it was wonderful.”
“It certainly was,” she agreed.
“Right, now where was I?” “Oh yes,” he said, echoing her earlier words.
“Touché, Vincent,” she said with a grin.
He carried on down, kissing her eyes and nose, then he came to her mouth.
She held her breath, because finally, finally…
But he ignored it, kissing and nibbling her chin. Then suddenly he made a beeline for it, and it only took him a second to adjust his mouth to hers, before kissing her. Gently at first, and then deepening the kiss. And he took her breath away!
When he came up for air, and could speak again, he said, “Wow, Catherine.”
And she laughed out loud at hearing Vincent, usually so dignified, using that terminology.
“You can say that again Vincent.”
So he did, and she was delighted by the fact that he could be so “unstuffy” when he chose to be.
“Now, where next?” he asked her.
“You’re in charge, you choose.”
So he did. He slowly began downwards again, but instead of just kissing her he licked her as well, and she couldn’t believe the sensations it was causing. Especially between her legs, and she felt herself becoming very moist. Eventually, after a deliciously torturous few minutes, he reached her breasts. And stopped, and raised his head.
“Vincent, what’s wrong?”
“Catherine, I …”
“Tell me.”
“I’m afraid that I’ll hurt you. Your skin is so tender, and …”
“Stop right there, mister,” she ordered him.
“But Catherine…”
“No buts Vincent, you could never hurt me. Trust me.”
He was just about to protest again, when she silenced him very effectively by raising her head and kissing him.
“Vincent,” she said, trying to sound cross, “if you don’t do what you were about to do, then I shan’t be responsible for my actions.”
He cocked his head, and a little smile played round his mouth.
“Well, put that way, I guess I’d better,” he said, lowering his head.
He paused, and then raised his head again.
“Vincent…” she said, sounding exasperated, “now what’s wrong?”
“Catherine, you are sure about this.”
So he lowered his head once more and oh so gently took her nipple in his mouth, and rubbed the pad of his thumb over the other one, delighting in the fact that they both hardened instantly.
Ripples of desire coursed through her, and arrowed towards her core, and she shuddered.
He raised his head again and looked at her, and smiled, because she had her eyes shut and a rapturous expression on her face.
Realising that he had stopped, she opened her eyes.
“Vincent …”
“Yes Catherine.”
“That was ….”
“Amazing,” he supplied. “Yes, I know it was, because I felt it.”
“Shall I continue?” he asked.
“Yes please,” she said eagerly.
So he did. Suddenly he raised his head.
“What now?” she queried.
“Catherine, I can’t go any further,” he said, echoing her earlier words.
She realised instantly why not, and sat up.
“Vincent, we’ve reached the point where this isn’t a “game” any more. You know that don’t you?”
“Yes, I do.”
“So, what are we going to do about it?” she asked him, praying silently that he would want to take things to their conclusion.
He was silent for a while, and she watched him as conflicting emotions flitted over his face.
Fearing that he was going to call an end to things, she said, “Vincent, if you don’t go on, then you’ll never know if it is possible for us to make love. Father was wrong when he told you that you never could, or more importantly, never should.”
“But Catherine, what if I lose control and the “beast” takes over?”
“Vincent that will never happen.”
“You don’t know that.”
“Yes I do. Anyway, you’ll know if he’s near and you can keep him caged. Please Vincent.”
He took a deep breath, and then said, “If you are totally sure, then we’ll go on.”
“Vincent, I have never been so sure of anything in my life. I’m one hundred percent sure.”
“In that case …” and he got off the bed, and started to undo his belt.
She was amazed at his sudden boldness, but wasn’t about to question it, then when she realised that he’d undone his belt …
“Vincent, stop.”
“Why Catherine, what’s wrong?”
She got off the bed too, and went round to his side. Taking hold of his hands she said, “Please … let me finish this. I’ve dreamt so long of this moment, I want to savour every minute.”
“Catherine …”
She looked into his eyes and saw the uncertainty there. She had to get past this barrier, because she realised that it was one thing for him to undress himself, but it was completely another for her to do it for him.
“Vincent, please, trust me.”
He hesitated just a moment longer, then, “I do.”
She smiled at him, and was rewarded with one in return.
Suddenly serious, she asked, “Are you ready?”
“Yes, yes I am.”
Her hands went to his waistband and she undid the button, and then she moved to the zip. She realised that he was holding his breath.
“Breathe Vincent, I don’t want you passing out,” she said in an attempt to put him at ease.
He did as she asked. “Sorry Catherine, it’s just that …”
“I know. It’s a big step.”
“Gigantic more like,” he said with a little chuckle.
Looking into his eyes all the while, she slowly began pulling the zip down, and suddenly her eyes widened as it met resistance. She glanced down and her eyes widened further as she saw the sizable bulge there. She looked back up and saw that he was blushing.
“Catherine …”
“Not another word Vincent, it’s a perfectly natural response.”
“But Father said …”
“Father was wrong,” she told him.
“Now, if I just do this slowly…” and she continued pulling it down, but before she’d got it much further he took hold of her hands.
“Catherine, I think you should know that I have nothing on under my jeans.”
“Better and better,” she replied. “Now let go of my hands.”
He did so, and she resumed her task. Finally the zip was fully down, and she pulled his jeans down. As soon as it was released his shaft stood proud and erect from his body, and to her delight it was very lightly furred. She stepped back and just looked at him, bereft of speech. He was large there, but not abnormally so, and she could not foresee any problems. Then she looked at the rest of his body, as he stood before her in all his glorious nakedness. The fur past his waist wasn’t as thick as it was on the upper part of his body, and his pubic hair was tightly curled. Her fingers itched to bury themselves in it, but she managed to restrain herself, because she knew what would happen if she did. Next she looked at his legs. They too were very muscular, but were very shapely, and she could understand how he walked so gracefully. Her eyes travelled upwards again, and she decided that he was the most beautiful man she had ever seen, and she knew that there could be no-one else for her. His voice penetrated her reverie.
“Catherine, please say something.”
“Vincent, I don’t know what to say. Yes I do. You are the most perfectly beautiful man I have ever seen.”
“Catherine …”
“Vincent, don’t you dare say that men can’t be beautiful, because they can be, and you most definitely are.
“If you say so, then it must be so,” he told her solemnly, but with a twinkle in his eyes.
She decided that she liked this “new” Vincent. “Yes, I do say so. Now step out of your jeans, ‘cos if you don’t and you try to walk you’ll go flat on your face, and you won’t look very dignified.”
He did as she asked, and then looked puzzled as she suddenly giggled.
“Catherine, may I ask what you find so funny?” he queried.
She didn’t answer, but just looked down and pointed. He too looked down and had to laugh as well, because he still had his socks on! He sat down on the edge of the bed and took them off, and then was puzzled again as she knelt at his feet and then studied them. They were not as she expected. She had expected them to be clawed like his hands, but they weren’t. Apart from being quite narrow and very, very lightly furred, they were perfectly normal looking feet. She stood up again and took hold of his hands, and pulled him to his feet.
“Vincent, shall I take the rest of my clothes off myself, or …?”
He considered for a moment, and then said, “I would like to do it for you.”
“Go ahead then,” she told him.
The zip for her skirt was at the back, so she turned around for him. He took a deep breath and then took hold of it, and pulled it down. Then he eased it slowly over her hips, and it slipped to the floor. Next he did the same with her underskirt. When it was on the floor too, she stepped out of them, and turned back round to face him. Now she was only wearing her panties, stockings, suspender belt and shoes.
“Catherine, could you sit down please, so I can take your shoes and stockings off?”

She sat down and he knelt at her feet. There was something so touchingly vulnerable about him at her feet, that she was nearly moved to tears.
“Vincent…” she breathed.
He looked up at her, and cocked his head in enquiry.
“Yes Catherine.”
He continued what he was doing, and took her shoes off, and then moved up to her stocking tops, and stopped.
“Vincent, what’s wrong?”
“I’m afraid that I might scratch you,” he told her.
“Do you want me to do it?” she asked.
“Yes please.”
So she did, and when she had taken them off, he stood up again and so did she.
“Do you want me to take the rest off?” she asked him.
“No, I would like to do it.”
His hands moved to the top of her panties, and very, very carefully, he hooked his thumbs into the elastic, and eased them slowly down.
She took a swift intake of breath, and he stopped instantly.
“Vincent, don’t stop, you didn’t hurt me. It’s just that it’s incredibly sexy having you do this for me.”
“In that case…” he said, and continued, stunning her once again with his new boldness. Then he removed her suspender belt, leaving her standing before him in all her splendour.
He stepped back and felt humbled that she trusted him so completely. She had no fear that the “beast” might emerge. He let his eyes wander over her body, and it was as he expected, she was perfect. Right from the top of her head, down to her feet. As he’d already seen her breasts he didn’t linger there, but carried on down. Her waist was slim and her hips were shapely, as were her legs and feet. He started back up again, and paused at the juncture of her thighs where the triangle of dark hair was. Suddenly he blushed at where his thoughts were taking him, and of course she saw it.
“Vincent…” she began, but he silenced her by putting his fingers to her lips.
“I know,” he replied, “it’s a perfectly natural reaction. It’s just that you are so beautiful, and I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would ever be here with you like this.”
“Well you are, so what are you going to do about it?” she asked.
“I think that I would like to make love to you, with you,” he replied.
“Well then, what are you waiting for?”
He needed no further invitation as he took her in his arms, and captured her mouth with his. Hesitantly at first, and then he grew bolder and deepened the kiss. Tongues entwined in an age old dance, and their breathing became ragged. He couldn’t believe how wonderful her mouth tasted, it was like nectar, and she was thinking the self same thing as she explored his mouth, touching her tongue to his wickedly sharp fangs.
Eventually though they had to come up for air, and when they did they both said “Wow” together, and burst out laughing.
“Vincent, that was incredible,” she told him.
“Wasn’t it just,” he replied, “I never dreamt that it would be so wonderful, although it couldn’t be anything else with you.”
“Flattery will get you everywhere,” she said. Then suddenly serious, she said, “Make love to me Vincent, please.”
He hesitated again, but only for a second, and then he picked her up and laid her on the bed, and got on beside her.
“Catherine, this all new to me, what …”
“Just follow your instincts Vincent.”
So he did. He started by kissing her very thoroughly, exploring her mouth once more, and gently nipping her bottom lip. She returned the favour by putting her tongue into his cleft, and was gratified again by his reaction as she felt a tremor run through him. When they were forced to break the kiss to breathe, she said,
“You really like that don’t you?”
“Oh yes.”
“Then we’ll have to do it again,” she told him, and proceeded to do so.
Next he moved to her neck, and started to nuzzle there, and then he started to lick her. Arrows of desire shot through her, because it felt so incredibly sexy the way he was doing it. He raised his head and looked at her.
“Catherine, it really is amazing the way I can feel what you are feeling.”
“I’m glad you can feel it,” she told him, “because now you know how much I desire you.”
He went back to what he had been doing, and then he moved on down to her breasts, pausing for a moment just to look at them. They weren’t very big but they were beautifully shaped, tipped with rosy nipples. She looked down to see why he had stopped, and caught her breath at the look on his face. It was one of pure pleasure. She smiled, and then said to him, “Vincent, don’t stop or I won’t be responsible for my actions,” repeating her earlier words.
He came out of his reverie. “Sorry Catherine, it’s just that…”
“I can’t get over how perfect you are.”
“Yes, I know that, now please…”
He obliged her by taking her nipple into his mouth and began suckling her, and took the other one between his thumb and finger, and very gently began to squeeze it. Ripples of desire coursed through her and she moaned softly.
“Oh Vincent …” she began, and then could say no more as he sucked more strongly. Then he swapped breasts, and paid the second nipple as much attention as the first. Next he took more of her breast in his mouth, and very gently exerted pressure with his fangs. This time she gasped out loud, because the feeling he caused was incredible. He paused for a moment and lifted his head to look at her, and he too smiled, as there was a look on her face of pure bliss!
“Vincent please don’t stop,” she begged.
“I have no intention of doing so,” he told her, and then moved further down her body, gently nipping and licking on his way. By the time he reached her belly button her skin was tingling.

He stopped again.
“Vincent, now what’s wrong,” she asked him.
“Catherine, you are sure about this?”
“Vincent, how many times do I have to tell you, yes, yes, yes I’m sure!”
“Well then…” and he lowered his head once more, and gave her belly button his attention. She hadn’t really thought of that as an erogenous zone before, but when he put his tongue inside she quickly changed her mind, and was soon squirming with pleasure. Then he moved to the juncture of her thighs, and she held her breath, wondering if he would have the courage to carry on. She wasn’t disappointed as he nuzzled into her pubic hair, and then, very carefully so as not to scratch her, he opened her to his wondering gaze then lowered his head and licked her. Desire rocketed through her and she felt herself becoming very wet, and he literally lapped it up, amazed at the wonderful taste of her. She held her breath again, wondering what he would do next, and then was robbed of all thought as he carefully inserted first one and then two fingers into her secret place, and began thrusting, timing his licking with his thrusts. She wondered vaguely where he had learnt that, and then wondered no more as she was taken by a powerful orgasm that shook her whole body, and he was amazed that he could cause such a reaction.
When she finally came back to Earth and could speak again, she asked, “Vincent where did you learn how to do that, I thought you were a…” and stopped.
“Virgin,” he finished for her.
“I did as you told me and followed my instincts and a little help from one of Father’s books.”
“Oh one of those books,” she said with a giggle. “Well it was certainly very informative!
Then she said, “Vincent it’s my turn now, are you ready?”
She thought that she might have problems with him, but he laid himself down on the bed, and said, delighting her once again with his boldness, “Yes, I am ready, so what are you waiting for?”
“Right, Mr. Wells, you asked for it,” and she literally jumped on him. Of course her slight weight had no impact whatsoever on him, and he chuckled.
“Is that the best you can do, Ms.Chandler?” he asked.
“No, I’ll work on it,” she told him, “but meanwhile…” and she kissed him very thoroughly, paying special attention to his cleft, and she soon had him uttering little whimpers of pleasure. Then she decided that his mouth had had enough and moved down to his neck, where she nipped and licked as he had done. Moving on down to his chest she once more began to stroke him, and was pleased to hear him purring again. Next she searched for, and found his nipples. Lowering her head she took one in her mouth and began teasing it with her tongue, and gently squeezed the other one. Then she swapped over, but this time she suckled him, though not expecting him to be as sensitive there. She was very much mistaken though, as he growled softly in his throat. She raised her head. “Vincent…?”
“Catherine, don’t stop.”
“But you growled.”
“Only because it was so good.”
“That’s alright then.” And lowered her head again. Then on down to his belly button, and when she put her tongue into it he squirmed.
“Vincent is anything wrong?” she asked.
“No. Yes,” he replied.
“Which is it?”
“Yes. It tickles,” he told her.
“O.k. I’ll leave it alone.” “For now,” she said to herself.
And then further down, until finally…

She did as he had done earlier, and nuzzled into his pubic hair, but made no attempt to touch his shaft, which was in a state of semi-arousal, because she knew what would probably happen if she did. Instead she worked her way all around it and then gently coaxed his legs open with her hand. By now his breathing had become very ragged, and when she cupped the sac underneath and felt the twin globes nestled there, and squeezed oh so gently, he took a deep breath in then let it out unsteadily.
“Vincent, are you alright?” she asked him.
“Y…Yes, I am,” he managed to say.
She had decided by now that it was time to take the bull by the horns, so to speak, and she took hold of his shaft. The effect was instantaneous and he came to full arousal, and she took a deep breath, because her fingers didn’t meet. She was beginning to wonder at the wisdom of this, when he asked, “Catherine, is anything wrong?”
She hastened to reassure him, because she knew if she hesitated, the moment would be lost, and she had no intention of letting that happen. “No Vincent there’s nothing wrong,” and continued what she had been about to do, which was to work her hand up and down.

Next she touched her tongue to the gleaming tip, and at once bead of moisture appeared. He was astounded that she would do such a thing to him, and then lost all rational thought as she took him fully in her mouth and began to suck. Suddenly he knew that if she continued much longer there would be “consequences” and he took hold of her head, and managed to say,
“Catherine I think you had better stop now, because if you don’t …”
She released him and said, “I know, but I can do something about that,” and she straddled him and knelt up, and then positioning herself she slowly lowered herself down onto him.
The sensation for them both was amazing, more so for him, because he had never thought that he would ever make love to her.
She began to move slowly up and down, and suddenly he knew that the moment was upon him, and he thrust once, twice, and climaxed with a roar.
He was at once apologetic.
“Catherine…” he began.
“Don’t you dare say sorry Vincent.”
“But I…”
“I expected that to happen when it was your first time,” she told him. “But it won’t happen the second time.”
“There is going to be a second time then?” he asked.
“Most definitely,” she confirmed. “But you can take the lead.”
She got carefully off him and lay down turned on her side, and put her arm across him. They just lay there quietly, recovering. Then she started stroking his chest, not intending anything by it, but just for the pleasure of feeling his fur under her fingers.

“Yes Vincent.”
“You know you said about the second time?”
“Yes … you don’t mean …?”
She raised her head and looked down, to see that he was fully erect again.
“Vincent that is incredible. Usually it takes a man much longer to recover.”
“Perhaps that is another one of my differences, my ability to “recover” more quickly,” he said.
“Obviously,” she told him wryly.
“So …?” he queried.
“Most definitely yes,” she replied.
He did as she said, and did take the lead. He kissed, licked and nipped every inch of her front, starting at her head and working down. Then he turned her over and did the same to her back, but this time starting at her feet. It was more exciting for her because she couldn’t see what he was doing, only feel! He got up to her buttocks and cupped them with his hands, squeezing gently. Then he coaxed her to open her legs, and she held her breath wondering what he was going to do. She didn’t have to wonder long, because he carefully inserted two fingers into her and began to thrust. He took her to the point of climaxing, and then withdrew his fingers, which were wet from her.
She almost screamed from frustration, but he sensed it, and leant over her and whispered in her ear,
“Be patient my love, just enjoy.”
All protests died at that simple endearment, “my love.”
Finally he decided that her back had had enough attention, and turned her back over.
This time he wasted no time and arrowed straight to the centre of her, parting her curls with his nose, and began to lick her straight away, but this time concentrating on the bud. She thought she would die from the pure pleasure of it, and she felt her juices begin to flow again, which he lapped up avidly. Then he inserted two fingers again, but this time she begged him,
So he put a third one in, and she squirmed with the sensation it caused.
He began thrusting again, but this time giving a little twist, and she gasped, but he knew it was just from pure pleasure. By this time she knew that she was very close to orgasm, and she took hold of his head and managed to gasp out his name. He looked up at her and asked, “Yes Catherine, what is it?”
“If you don’t stop now…”
He echoed her earlier words, “I know, but I can do something about that.”
And he positioned himself, and with one powerful thrust he entered her.
The feeling was so incredible that she cried out loud, and he was so wrapped up in the moment that he failed to realise it was pleasure not pain, and began to withdraw.
She grasped his hips to stop him, and said, “Vincent don’t you dare, you didn’t hurt me.”
“But you cried out.”
“Yes I did,” she told him, “but only because the feeling was so incredible.”
“For me too,” he agreed, and he started again, but slowly, almost withdrawing on the upstroke and then thrusting down firmly. And each time he nearly withdrew she whimpered, missing him, the feel of him inside her.
Next, while still embedded deeply in her, he shifted position and knelt up, lifting her with him, changing his angle of entry, and he wrapped her legs round his waist, which gave her even greater pleasure.
He seemed to have endless staying power, and she marvelled at how long he was lasting, considering that this was only his second time, and then concluded that he must just be a very fast learner. Suddenly she knew that there was no more time as she felt her climax gathering, and he felt it too, and increased his speed. Until finally …
“Now Vincent, now,” she screamed, and he gave one final thrust and they both climaxed gloriously together.

*** *** ***

Neither of them was capable of speech for a good few minutes, and then both together they said, “Wow!” and burst out laughing.
“Catherine, I never thought…” he began.
“That it would be so good,” she finished for him.
“Good doesn’t even come close,” he said. “It was glorious, amazing, incredible …”
“Okay, I get the picture,” she told him with a chuckle.
“And now I must move …” he started to say, and just as she was about to ask why, he said, “because I’m starting a cramp in my leg.”
“That’s alright then,” she said.
He very carefully withdrew from her and lay down beside her, and she snuggled into him.
“Vincent we really ought to get cleaned up.”
“I know, we’ll do it in a minute, all I really want to do now is just recover.
“I know exactly how you feel,” she agreed.
They just lay quietly together for a while savouring what they had done, and then without realising it, sleep overtook them.
Catherine woke first and just lay looking at him, drinking in the beauty of him with the sunlight playing over his face. “Sunlight.”
“Vincent, wake up, it’s morning,” she said, sitting up and shaking him.
He opened one eye. “So it is,” he said and then closed it again.
“But Vincent, what about Father, won’t he wonder where you are?”
“No, because he told me to come here.”
“He told you …” she started to say, and then stopped and grinned.
“That’s alright then.” And she lay back down and went back to sleep.
Much, much later, she woke again and nudged him.
“Vincent, are you awake?”
“Are you sure?” she asked him, starting to stroke him.
“I am now,” he said taking her in his arms.
Even later still, as they were lying with arms and legs entwined, completely satiated and pleasantly exhausted, she nudged him again.
“Vincent …”
“Catherine, I don’t think I can just yet,” he said, jumping to conclusions.
“No, I don’t mean that. I couldn’t either, at least not for a while.”
He gave a sigh of relief. “I’m pleased about that,” he said with a chuckle. “You’ve exhausted me.”
“You’re safe for now,” she said. “No, I was just going to say that it’s true what they say.”
“Who are “they” my love?”
“So what do they say?” he asked.
“Everything comes to he …” she started to say.
“Or she…” he added.
And then both together they finished,
“Who waits.”


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